Helping Women in 
Crumbling Relationships
Heal them from the Inside Out

Using the latest discoveries of neuroscience we apply the techniques of the Clear Beliefs Academy, Positive Intelligence, and Mental Fitness to heal the most important relationship, the one with SELF, first - to see everything else fall into place ♥  
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Why work with Me

Have you ever thought: my life sucks?
It's not what you envisioned, right?
You have done so much for others – it's time to put YOU first...

If you're hesitating...I understand. I was in your shoes for a long time.

There is a way out. Nothing gives me more joy than showing other women how.
I can help you FIX YOUR LIFE.

One-on-one Coaching

Private coaching, focused on you alone, is the fastest way to success. We can dive deeply into the subconscious mind and heal past wounds, address current problems, and focus on the most important issues going forward.

Group Program

We offer an amazing Group Program, "Conscious Future Creating", which covers not only Mindset- and Beliefswork, but also Strategy and Step-by-Step Implementation Guidelines in a safe and compassionate intimate small group setting.

Digital Products

Want a quick version of what to do if you feel estranged from your husband?
Check out the free PDF
"5 Secrets to Communication"

About Dr. Irena

Irena’s credentials include a medical doctorate specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology. After retiring from her medical practice she became a certified Martial Arts Instructor and later a Law of Attraction, Relationship, and Mental Fitness Coach.

She also holds a certification as a SYMBIS Marriage Facilitator.

After thoroughly studying neuroscience she developed a proprietary technique, NeuroYouth™, that helps release anxiety and fear.

Her coaching will help you discover your inner strength, overcome obstacles and insecurity, erase anxiety and fears, and give you step by step guidelines how to create and fulfill your vision for the relationships and life you always wanted.

Dr. Irena walks the talk...She based all of her success on Mental Fitness and Conscious Future Creating and is passionate to teach others the same powerful techniques so they too can live a happy, worry-free life.

Irena kay, MD - Relationship and Performance Coach

What they say

young woman

Thank you so much for today’s session, I feel so relieved!
Can’t wait to our next meeting!
Thank you, you’re the best coach I’ve ever had and the one I felt most comfortable with. I mean it when I say it.

Nina B.

Virtual Assistant

young woman

I contacted Dr. Irena when I was feeling immense health-related and other forms of anxiety that were plaguing the relationship with my husband daily.
Dr. Irena was able to successfully pinpoint where my anxiety was coming from and how to deal with it. I left the session feeling at peace, accomplished, and with a determination to continue the next steps she recommended. I've been using her techniques ever since and after one month, my anxiety has not only become manageable, but has started to go away most days altogether. Continuing with Dr. Irena is proving to work amazingly well and I would recommend her to anyone.
She definitely saved our marriage!

Sandra C.


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